Safety First in Online Dating Relationships

eDating is a blast! When looking for a mate, don’t forget about safety and common sense. Caution is advised in the following regions.

Safeguard Your PC

Preventive maintenance is necessary before venturing onto the internet. You need a firewall and anti-virus security for your email, website searches, and online interactions. You may need at least these two free solutions for home computer users (not for business use):

studio videochat
AVG Anti-Virus


Choose safe dating sites for yourself. Pick an online dating service with trust. How? Ask friends, neighbours, coworkers, and anyone else you know who has tried online dating for recommendations. Also, search “online dating services” and note their URLs, fees, rules and regulations, complete contact information, and anything else that piques your interest. Then compare them. Only go to locations you feel safe. Avoid them.

So beware. Equip your PC and yourself with the right tools!

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